Zao Shine-Up Powder

The Shine-Up Powder is a 2-in-1 powder that acts as a highlighter and adds luminosity to your skin with its magical iridescent formula that captures light, giving radiance to eyes and face. It's powdered texture makes it suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, guaranteeing a luminous, glowing effect that highlights and adds radiance to skin. 

Packaged in a unique, varnished bamboo case and attractively presented in a cotton pouch with drawstring, ZAO makeup is both a beautiful gift and an item to treasure.

This product, as with all ZAO products, is free from talc and parabens (synthetic preservatives), using instead micronised silver as an effective and non-toxic preservative. ZAo does not use nanoparticles in their products, with the micronised silver being larger than nanoparticle size, making ZAO proucts safe and free from toxic chemical preservatives. 


Apply after silk or powder foundation to areas that would normally catch the light, such as top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and lip contour (Cupid's bow), avoiding oily areas such as your T-zone if applicable.Use a blending brush or your fingers, applying the powder in small strokes. 

ZAO Beauty tip: If you need a super boost to your skin, this product will add radiance and glow in an instant. To open up dropping eyelids, use below your eyebrow and in the inner corner of your eye, using ZAO's Shading Brush or your fingertips. You can also apply it to the whole eyelid area for a simple but very effective quick fix for tired eyes, as well as below your lower lashes to reflect light and enhance your eyes.




Zao Pencil Sharpener

Indispensible dual pencil sharpener to keep your pencils in tip-top condition.The smaller slot fits ZAO pencils, whilst the larger slot allows you to sharpen other larger pencils. The sharpener features a handy tank to collect sharpenings and avoid mess in your makeup bag.


Zao Brushes Pouch

ZAO branded pouch to hold ZAO makeup brushes. Features drawstring closure action. Pouch is sold empty.


Zao Make-Up Belt

ZAO makeup belt bag is a fantastic tool to hold makeup and brushes.This beautifully crafted, ergonomic product meets the needs of profesionals and the most demanding consumers. Deploying the trademark colourful design, this practical and functional accessory also makes a beautiful gift.

It is very compact when folded for easy portability and storage, but once opened, reveals hidden storage depth for your makeup brushes and accessories. Featuring easy to clean fabric and an adjustable belt, the workmanship of this tool is truly extraordinary.



Zao Large Magnetic Bamboo Box

The Bamboo Box holds up to 25 eyeshadow refills, or 9 large powder refills, so you can store all your favourite ZAO powders in one eco-friendly magnetic case.

You will be spoilt for choice in filling your case, choosing from our Eyes Primer, 20 Pearly Eyeshadows, 8 Matt Eyeshadows, 4 Cream Eyeshadows, 3 shades of Eyebrow Powders, 5 shades of Compact Powders, our fabulous new Shine Up Powder, 5 shades of Compact Blush, 6 shades of Mineral Cooked Powders or 14 shades of Compact Foundations.